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Our Partners

Equal Period's work to support menstruators in need across the United States could not be done without the strong partnerships included below. All of Equal Period's partners view access to period products as a human right, rather than a luxury. Equal Period's collaboration with our partners is meant to advance our efforts to eradicate period poverty and change the way society perceives periods. 


Equal Period and United Way of the Coastal Empire, located in Georgia, are working together to provide menstrual care products within United Way's school districts.

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Equal Period donates menstrual care products to Power Pump Girls, an organization based in Louisiana, to eradicate period poverty in their communities and beyond.

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Saalt donates menstrual cups to Equal Period which are distributed to non-profit organizations, school districts, homeless shelters, and vulnerable menstruators across the United States. 


DivaCup has worked with Equal Period to distribute menstrual cups to menstruators primarily in California, where Equal Period is based.

Equal Period donates menstrual care products to Students Against Period Poverty or SAPP, a student-run organization based in California. 

The Pad Project and Equal Period have partnered to provide menstrual care products in California schools.

Equal Period donates menstrual cups to Days for Girls' Penn State University (PSU) Chapter. Equal Period's donations are given out to college students in need of period products. 

Where We Have Donated

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